acacia honey with 23K gold

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Acacia honey is noble, fine and very mild. It is available in bright color with clear texture. Acacia’s honey has a mild taste, it retains its consistency for a long time so it does not crystallize quickly.It is used for skin care product.The honey contains numerous natural substances for improving health, such as minerals, vitamins, inhibitors, and serotonin.
Acacia honey mixed with 23K gold is an true elixir of health, youth and beauty. By consuming Acacia honey with 23K gold, gold is kept in the human body for 24 hours and rejuvenates internal organs during this time, slowing down their aging. Therefore, there are visible changes in the outer appearance. Gold is full of nutrition, used from Greek gods to Roman rulers.

Gold has a mild effect acting on the most important biological functions of the body at the cellular level as a powerful antioxidant, contributes to the protection and function of cells and has the property of intensity of electrical stimulus between cells. Gold releases blockages and acts as an impulse to the body for regulation only. Its beneficial effect slows down the aging process and stimulates regulation.

GOLD EMPIRE was founded in Switzerland with the idea of ​​refining acacia honey and gold, by producing exclusive packaging suitable for all occasions! In cooperation with experts and competent laboratories for the analysis of honey and honey based products, GOLD HONEY was created.
A careful selection of the elegant Italian jar packed in the pyramid GOLD HONEY has been found in many homes in Switzerland, the EU, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, America and other countries as a gift for all occasions and food for all gourmets as an elixir of health, youth and

GOLD HONY is used in the diet for centuries. It dates from ancient Greek as the food of the gods to the Roman emperors, the Japanese emperors and the Chinese rulers!

In ancient Egypt, it was used both in the diet and for the balancing and care of the face and body.